Podcast: Benito Mussolini and the Rise of Fascism

We hear a great deal from politicians these days about the growing dangers of Fascism, or even just Socialism.  Political leaders throw the terms about as if the two were the same. Democratic Socialism is practiced successfully today by nearly every European Union country.  But what about Fascism?  It got its start a decade BEFORE Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, under Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. 

Podcast: The Tragic Fate of the SS St. Louis’ Jewish Refugees

In May 1939, 937 anxious Jewish refugees fled the horrors of Nazi Germany, aboard an ocean liner named the SS St. Louis. Most were German citizens, with Jews from other countries like Poland and Austria. The passengers planned to reach Cuba first, then ultimately seek sanctuary the United States.  They would tragically never make it.Continue reading “Podcast: The Tragic Fate of the SS St. Louis’ Jewish Refugees”

The Forgotten Holocaust – The Tragic Armenian Genocide

Most know of the Jewish Holocaust, committed by Nazi Germany during World War II. But many are oblivious to Armenian Genocide, the 1st modern atrocity of the 20th century. It occurred 30 years earlier during World War I. In 1915, leaders of the Ottoman Empire began the systemic expulsion and extermination of Armenian Christians livingContinue reading “The Forgotten Holocaust – The Tragic Armenian Genocide”