Count Saint Germain

The Adventures of the Immortal Count!

Who was the mysterious Count Saint Germain?

The Count was a real-life, 18th century adventurer who Never appeared to age, throughout the 1700’s – always a handsome, wealthy, gentleman of about 40 years.  He was an alchemist, composer, spy, and legend. 

He journeyed from Paris to the Himalayas. He cavorted with the likes of King Louis XV, Casanova and Catherine the Great. He played a part in the Scottish Rebellion, the Seven Years War, AND the French Revolution.

No one knew his place of birth or true identity.  His presumed death was never confirmed. Witnesses claim to have seen him well into the next century. How could this be? Who was the Count and What his secret?  

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Images of the elusive Count Saint Germain

He is the man who lives forever and never dies.”

– the French Philosopher VOLTAIRE
What was Count Saint Germain’s true identity?

Most historians believe him to be the last son of exiled Hungarian Prince Ferenc Rakoczi II, though there are many other theories.

Was Count Saint Germain immortal?

Count Saint Germain was an alchemist and rumored to have the Philosopher’s Stone, an elixir of youth which granted eternal youth.

Where and when was Count Saint Germain born?

In Sarospatak Castle in northeastern Hungary, approximately around the year 1698.

How many languages did Count Saint Germain speak?

Over a dozen: Italian, French, English, Germain, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Hungarian, Arabic, Hindi, Latin, Greek, Sanskrit and Farsi.

What music did Count Saint Germain compose?

The pasticcio (Italian opera) L’Inconstanza Delusa, plus over a dozen Violin Sonatas, all published in London in 1745.

Where and where did Count Saint Germain die?

He is recorded to have died in Schleswig Holstein in the year 1784, but was reported seen in Paris during the 1789 French Revolution.

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Four VIOLIN SONATAS composed by the Count in London in 1745 for Violin, Cello and Harpsichord.  Performed by the Ensemble Phoenix  [click below to listen].

Count Saint Germain’s Many Associates

He cavorted with many famous and infamous 18th century figures, many who mention him fondly, or disparagingly, in their memories and lettres.

The Recipe for Saint-Germain’s Tea

The Count created this recipe for the Russian Navy during the Russo-Turkish War.

A blended tea of: 1 part crushed Senna pods, 1 part Elder flowers, and 1 part ground Fennel seeds. Brew 1 Tsp of mixture in 1 cup near boiling water and seep for 5 minutes. Sweeten to taste. Drink in moderation, as it was used as an 18th century purge.

To match the Count’s secret recipe, add a splash of your favorite Brandy or Cognac!

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