Shays Rebellion of 1786, the 1st American Insurrection

Shays Rebellion of 1786 was a series of violent attacks by rural landowners on county courthouses and armories in Massachusetts.  It led to a full-blown military confrontation with the state militia in the winter of 1787.

Podcast: Benito Mussolini and the Rise of Fascism

We hear a great deal from politicians these days about the growing dangers of Fascism, or even just Socialism.  Political leaders throw the terms about as if the two were the same. Democratic Socialism is practiced successfully today by nearly every European Union country.  But what about Fascism?  It got its start a decade BEFORE Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, under Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. 

The Exotic and Unreachable Timbuktu

The name “Timbuktu” in popular culture usually refers to some remote, far-away place.  “Crikey, you live way out in Timbuktu!”  For others, it may conjure up exotic images of a desert oasis full of camels, palm trees, and turbans.  Timbuktu is actually a city in west Africa, located in the center of the nation of Mali.

Six Theories on the Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe [Mini-Doc]

The famous macabre writer and poet, Edgar Allan Poe, died under mysterious circumstances at the age of only 40 in Baltimore, Maryland in 1849. Watch this short Mini-Doc to find out why his death remains a mystery to this day, and 6 theories on how it might have happened.

The Modern Spanish Civil War and Francisco Franco

Looking for an example of a modern, western Civil War that led to an authoritarian regime?  Look no further than the EU’s Spain in the 20th century. Francisco Franco rose to power during the Spanish Civil War and then ruled over Spain for 36 years from 1939 until his death in 1975. With the helpContinue reading “The Modern Spanish Civil War and Francisco Franco”

Bela Kiss, the Hungarian ‘Vampire’ Serial Killer

Romania’s Transylvania may be the birthplace of the fictional vampire, Count Dracula, but Hungary holds the distinction of harboring Bela Kiss.  He was a real-life serial killer who murdered and drained the blood from at least 24 young women just before World War I. 

The 7 Most Impactful Revolutions in Modern History

Revolutions typically take place when an angry rebellion of the popular masses rises up against the hated ruling class. If successful, they can result in drastic changes in a nation’s culture, economy, politics, justice, and even religion. 

The Rise and Fall and RISE of Labor Unions

The organized labor movement in the U.S. and Britain grew out of a relatively simple concept.  The idea of protecting and advancing the common interest and rights of workers. Sounds fair, right? Still, labor unions had a LONG and torturous rise to influence, fighting the wealthy and powerful owners and corporations every step of theContinue reading “The Rise and Fall and RISE of Labor Unions”

12 Famous Banned Books Throughout History

Throughout our long history, there have been various books that have been banned by the masses or those in power, and even burned by angry mobs over the centuries. Some were banned for religious reasons, some for political motivations, and some for cultural agendas.  As decades have passed and generations changed, these bans have mostlyContinue reading “12 Famous Banned Books Throughout History”