Paul Andrews

Paul  Andrews’ popular LOST IN HISTORY BLOG, PODCAST and MINI-DOCS detail episodes of Forgotten History still relevant in today’s world, all 10 minutes or less.  With over 200 posts and 100,000 reads, topics range from forgotten heroines to historic scandals to failed revolutions.

Paul Andrews has been a life-long history devotee. When he began writing novels, Historical Fiction naturally became his genre.  He selects a pivotal event in history, researches the hell of out it, then drops in his own characters to sink or swim.  

Some of his stories also include a bit of Mystery, Adventure, and even a little Romance!  The authors who influenced him most include the great Ken Follett and James Michener.

Paul was raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania, the grandson of immigrant coal miners.  He and his wife gradually migrated from the northeastern U.S. to lower latitudes, to raise their family in the more gentile South.  He now works, lives and writes in North Carolina. 

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