Shays Rebellion of 1786, the 1st American Insurrection

Shays Rebellion of 1786 was a series of violent attacks by rural landowners on county courthouses and armories in Massachusetts.  It led to a full-blown military confrontation with the state militia in the winter of 1787.

Podcast: Benito Mussolini and the Rise of Fascism

We hear a great deal from politicians these days about the growing dangers of Fascism, or even just Socialism.  Political leaders throw the terms about as if the two were the same. Democratic Socialism is practiced successfully today by nearly every European Union country.  But what about Fascism?  It got its start a decade BEFORE Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, under Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. 

The 1791 Haitian Revolution by Black Slaves

The Haitian Revolution was the largest, most successful slave rebellion in the Western World. Black slaves initiated a rebellion in 1791 and by 1803, they’d ended not just slavery, but achieved independence over French colonial rule.

The Secret World War II Bretton Woods Conference

Not all the major battles in World War II were in Europe or the Pacific.  Some involved intense negotiations between the Allied nations – negotiations on what the post-war world would look like economically. The most significant was the secret Bretton Woods Conference of 1944.  It was a gathering of delegates from 44 nations from around the world.  They met in July in remote Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in the U.S.

The Exotic and Unreachable Timbuktu

The name “Timbuktu” in popular culture usually refers to some remote, far-away place.  “Crikey, you live way out in Timbuktu!”  For others, it may conjure up exotic images of a desert oasis full of camels, palm trees, and turbans.  Timbuktu is actually a city in west Africa, located in the center of the nation of Mali.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a Living Saint to the Poor

Most people remember Mother Teresa as a tiny, frail, Catholic nun in a white habit; her weathered face lined with deep creases.  She was always seen tending to the poor, sick and dying in India, or other Third World countries, usually with an impossibly warm smile on her face.  But there was so much more to this determined, faith-driven woman than just that singular image. 

The Lost, Banned Books of the Bible

Most every Christian throughout the world is familiar with the English King James version of the Holy Bible. Most believe, or have been taught, that it is contains the ONLY books of the Old and New Testament ever written. But in fact, it contains only the church approved books by the Protestant, Catholic or OrthodoxContinue reading “The Lost, Banned Books of the Bible”