The 1791 Haitian Revolution by Black Slaves

The Haitian Revolution was the largest, most successful slave rebellion in the Western World. Black slaves initiated a rebellion in 1791 and by 1803, they’d ended not just slavery, but achieved independence over French colonial rule.

The Lost, Banned Books of the Bible

Most every Christian throughout the world is familiar with the English King James version of the Holy Bible. Most believe, or have been taught, that it is contains the ONLY books of the Old and New Testament ever written. But in fact, it contains only the church approved books by the Protestant, Catholic or OrthodoxContinue reading “The Lost, Banned Books of the Bible”

Five Forgotten Historical Facts about America

Most Americans go about thinking they know their patriotic historical facts, as taught to them when they were in school. But here are FIVE commonly mistaken or unknown facts about American history:

An Immigrant’s Ellis Island Fate Depended on 29 Questions [Mini-Doc]

The fate of immigrants arriving in New York City’s infamous Ellis Island, around the turn of the century, depended on a quick 2 minute physical and their answers to 29 pivotal questions.

The Fast and Fierce Life of the Pony Express

There are few images more American in United States history than of the famous Pony Express.  In just 9-10 days, young riders carried the mail by horseback over 1,966 miles from Missouri to California.  This relay system crossed eight states and territories, the fastest east-west communication possible across the Wild West frontier of 1860.  JustContinue reading “The Fast and Fierce Life of the Pony Express”

10 Famous Lines from 10 Great Speeches

Anyone who’s had to give a talk or make a speech in public knows how intimidating and challenging it can be! The most famous speeches are a combination of impeccable writing and a polished delivery. Some of great speeches have been given either by charismatic speakers of the day, or under adverse circumstances that madeContinue reading “10 Famous Lines from 10 Great Speeches”

How did Francisco Pizarro and 168 Conquistadors Defeat the Incan Empire?

How could the massive Inca Empire have been conquered by Francisco Pizarro and just 168 Spanish conquistadors? Pizarro and his men were the first Europeans to make contact with the vast Inca Empire, high in the Andes Mountains. In less than a decade, the Spaniards defeated the entire Incan army, hundreds of thousands of warriors strong.