The Worst US and UK Coal Mining Disasters in History

Two of the worst coal mining disasters in history, one in US and one in the UK, took place only six years apart – in West Virginia in 1907 and Wales in 1913.  Let’s take a closer look at them both. December 6, 1907 – Fairmont Coal Company, Monongah, West Virginia – 361 Dead OnContinue reading “The Worst US and UK Coal Mining Disasters in History”

The SS Eastland Disaster topped both Titanic & Lusitania

In July of 1915 on the Chicago River, the SS Eastland, carrying over 2,500 passengers and crew headed for a Western Electric company picnic, suddenly listed to port and rolled over into the muddy river.  844 souls perished, more than on the Titanic or Lusitania; yet the SS Eastland is lost in history to most.

The Irish Famine was much more than the Potato Blight

To the people of Ireland, the Irish Famine is known simply as “The Hunger,” because it involved a great deal more than just a Potato Blight. The famine began in 1845 when a mold, Phytophthora infestans, quickly spread through every farm in Ireland. The disease destroyed one-half of the potato crop that first year, and nearly all of the crops over the next 7 years.

Jamaica’s Port Royal, the Wickedest Place on Earth, Sank into the Sea

During the 17th century, Jamaica’s Port Royal was the wealthiest, busiest, and most nefarious port in the new Americas.  It was frequented by smugglers, pirates, prostitutes and all other unsavory types who roamed the Caribbean Sea.

The History of Climate Change in 10 Minutes or Less

It’s taken nearly a century of research to convince the majority of the earth’s population that we humans are polluting the atmosphere and changing the climate of our own planet.  Decades of data now shows that not only is climate change real, but that our disregard has now left us near the point of no return, with dire consequences ahead of us.  As the earth heats up, climate change has now become the Climate Crisis.  But how did we get to this point so fast?  Let’s take a quick look back.

The 1918 SPANISH FLU Beats all Pandemics Since the Black Plague

To listen to an audio Podcast  CLICK HERE Before Coronavirus and COVID, before Ebola and HIV, the 1918 Flu Pandemic killed more humans than all of World War I combined, over 50 Million people worldwide! In just over a year, the so-called ‘Spanish Flu’ would infect a fifth of the world’s population. It still remainsContinue reading “The 1918 SPANISH FLU Beats all Pandemics Since the Black Plague”

The Hard Lesson of California’s Shrinking Salton Sea

California’s largest lake is the infamous man-made Salton Sea, a shallow, salt water lake in the middle of the southern California desert.  It sits just south of Palm Springs and just north of the Mexican border.  At 235 feet below sea level, the Salton Sea lies in what used to be an ancient dry lakeContinue reading “The Hard Lesson of California’s Shrinking Salton Sea”

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is as Big as Texas?

The “Great Pacific Garbage Patches” are just what they sound like.  Not one, but two immense clusters of man-made trash concentrated in the North Pacific Ocean. One is off the east coast of Japan, the other between Hawaii and California, often described as being as being ‘as large as Texas!’  The name may lead youContinue reading “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is as Big as Texas?”