The Count Saint-Germain series – Book 2 now Available

Who is the Count of Saint Germain? Immortal alchemist or clever charlatan? His true name is a mystery. His place of birth is unknown. His time of death is unconfirmed. He is an enigma.

Count Saint Germain, sequel to The Man Who Would Not Die, now available at Amazon. Read the latest historical novels from Paul Andrews, creator of LOST IN HISTORY. Follow the adventures of the mysterious Count on his next mission to save Europe from itself.

Join the Count as he risks the intrigue of the French court at Versailles, helps a Russian Princess become Tzarina, and stokes the fires of a Revolution in Paris. Along the way he encounters Madame du Pompadour, Giacomo Casanova, Catherine the Great, and his first love, Luciana.

The Count of Saint Germain was a true historical figure, with adventures throughout the 18th Century and across the globe. He played a behind-the-scenes role in everything from the Scottish Rebellion to the French Revolution, all while never appearing to age. He is followed by many to this day as an Ascended Master.

Read the latest historical novels by Paul Andrews, creator of the LOST IN HISTORY blog & podcast.

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