Podcast: A Diver’s Defection, Summer Love and the Montreal Olympics

In July of 1976 at the Montreal Olympic Games, 17 year old Russian diver Sergei Nemtsanov finished 9th in the Men’s 10 meter Platform diving competition.  As punishment for not earning a medal, his Soviet coaches told him he’d be banned from further international competitions. His Soviet coaches, wary of defectors among their athletes with the diving competition over, would fly out the diving team as soon as possible and not stay the remainder of the games.  It was then he made the gut wrenching decision to defect from the Soviet Union.  At the games, Sergei witnessed the amazing freedoms available in the West.  He realized if he wanted the same, it was Now or Never, so he quietly approached the Canadian diving team and asked for help.

Sergei Nemtsanov diving at the Montreal Summer Olympics, 1978
Sergei Nemtsanov diving at the Montreal Summer Olympics, 1978
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Watch Sergei dive at the 1976 Montreal Games

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