The Man Who Would Not Die

A Historical Thriller of a real life Monte Cristo

Count Saint Germain novel

Who is Count Saint Germain?  An ageless adventurer who dabbles in alchemy, composes operas, and spies for kings.  Throughout the 1700’s, he never appears to age.  The Count cavorts with the eminent & powerful – Louis XV,  Catherine the Great, Handel, and more.   He is forever entwined in pivotal events – from the doomed Scottish Rebellion to the bloody French Revolution.

The Count is secretly the last son of an exiled Hungarian prince.  Falsely accused by the Italian Inquisition, he must surrender everything – including his very identity and Luciana, his only love.  Struck by fate, he searches the globe, from the Carpathians to the Himalayas, desperately seeking answers to his cryptic destiny. 

Is he truly immortal, and WHY?  Plus, those who betrayed him will not get off scot free.  For TIME is now on his side, and the clock is ticking for his enemies.

A grand adventure, written on the canvas of the globe with an hourglass lasting centuries!
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