A Neglected Dam, A Forbidden Love, a Doomed Valley!

A Young Adult, Historical Thriller of the JOHNSTOWN FLOOD 
SWEPT AWAY book cover
Johnstown Flood disaster

In 1889, Johnstown Pennsylvania is booming – riding the wave of the Industrial Revolution.  For 18 year old Samuel Wulff, it is a grimy steel town with no escape and no future.  His only beacon is Abigail Walker, the pretty socialite he secretly meets to steal kisses and sometimes more.  Theirs is a clandestine courtship however, as both their families disapprove.  Then a new threat arrives in his old friend and new rival for Abigail’s affections.

But a threat far worse than their secrets lurk in the bustling valley – an aging dam just 14 miles upriver.  Behind it lurks the swollen waters of beautiful Lake Conemaugh.   The elite South Fork Fishing & Hunting Club, with members like Andrew Carnegie, have ignored the weakening dam. When torrential rains pour down on the Memorial Day parade, it is only a matter of time before the dam surrenders and they are all SWEPT AWAY.

A fateful tale of Young Lovers, Tragic Neglect, and a Valley Doomed to Extinction 


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