Before Titanic sank, Chicago burned!

A Historical Thriller of the 1871 GREAT CHICAGO FIRE
FIREBRANDS book cover
Great Chicago Fire

Shannon McCleary’s one dream is to live in Chicago, far from her dull prairie existence.  Now she finally has her chance, tutoring the young brother of the wealthy and striking Nathanial Collins.  The boy is a handful, as is his disapproving family.  To be both Immigrant and Irish in 1871 is two strikes too many.  Nathanial however, sees beyond it.  He is irresistibly drawn to her independence and spirit.

But a terrible fate will intercede in their blooming love.  For it would be a Hot Time in the old town tonight.  It’s the warmest, driest October on record.  The Great Chicago Fire will begin innocently enough, in the O’Leary Barn on the West Side.  But then the prairie winds will blow and Chicago will burn like never before.  Shannon and  Nathaniel lie directly in its voracious path.  Can they escape a doomed city where only the FIREBRANDS survive?

Follow the Conflagration that Jumps Rivers, Panics a Populace, and Consumes a Bustling City 


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