The Weather Man

We can predict the Weather, but What if You Could Change it?

A Contemporary Fantasy with a Celtic Twist


Geoff MacLeod is having his worse day ever.  As WRLA’s Meteorologist, he fails to predict the Storm of the Century.  And if that’s not bad enough, Elijah moves into the apartment across the hall.  He’s an eccentric old gent who seems harmless enough.  That is, until he takes to the roof of their building in a thunder storm to do the impossible – wave a staff in the air and … Change the Weather!

A short story for the extreme Weather Lovers at heart.  If your favorite moment of any storm is the last few moments, just before the rain falls – the clouds heavy with menace, the gusts swaying the trees, the lighting just short of danger!  If only the energy and exhilaration of that special moment could be tapped … if only you could Change the Weather!


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