The Starlite Ballroom

Time Marches on, but what if we could go back … and Change it?

A contemporary Time Travel Fantasy for the Young at Heart

World War II was finally over, the GI’s were back home. At a 1945 Big Band Dance, Emma made a crucial choice between very different two men, setting the course of her life forever.  Tonight, fifty years later, a strange destiny draws her back to the old Starlite Ballroom, now as worn and aged as she is.  Emma is given a chance to relive that fateful night and choose once again between two vastly different paths and men.  Can she make a different choice this time?  Will she even dare?

Many young couples fell in love in a Big Band Ballroom.  World War II was over, the soldiers were back home, and only their futures lay ahead.  If only you could return to those magical times in our lives, when we were so young and full of promise.  This short story is about the age old wish of ‘What if?‘  What if we were given a chance to go back and do things differently?  Would we make the same Safe Choices … or choose a more life changing path?


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