Count Saint Germain

The Adventures Continues!

Book Cover for Count Saint Germain novel

With his destiny determined in the Himalayas, the Count returns to Europe with a new, even grander mission.  To end the bloody Seven Years War that has ravaged the continent and colonies around the globe .

Tto do so, he must toss himself into the intrigue of the French court at Versailles, place himself at the mercy of an unforgiving British throne, and into the service of Russia’s young, Catherine the Great.

Along the way he will encounter the likes of Voltaire, Anton Mesmer and Benjamin Franklin.  And that is only the start.  For simmering in the dark alleys of Paris lurks a fate far worse than war, a bloody French Revolution!

Count Saint Germain Book 2, sequel to The Man Who Would Not Die, available now at Amazon.
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